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 English Tutor in Surrey


Having previously taught both GCSE and A-Level English, I am now a full-time private English tutor in Surrey. I dedicate all of my time to teaching one-to-one lessons and facilitating intensive GCSE revision courses for students preparing for exams.

I take a holistic, non-judgemental approach to teaching and I am extremely focused on facilitating the individual learning process, working closely with students to discover how to unlock their potential and nurturing a growth mindset in children.

English tuition is about more than helping students improve at the subject; it should also encourage a love of learning and a sense of increased confidence across all subjects.

I have also worked as an examiner for a leading exam board, which provides me with unique knowledge of how exam marks are allocated. This insight allows me to pass on valuable information regarding how students lacking in confidence should approach English GCSE examinations.

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Having worked as an English teacher, I understand how difficult of an environment the classroom can be for some students. I have spend the last four years working solely as a private GCSE and A Level English tutor, providing a reassuring space in which students can learn at their own pace. There are very few GCSE tutors in Guildford and Godalming area 

I have strong experience  the classroom and therefore understands how difficult its pressurised environment can be for children. She has spent the last four years working solely as a private English tutor in Surrey, providing a reassuring space in which students can learn at their pace. There are very few GCSE tutors in the Guildford and Godalming area who are exclusively dedicated to English tuition. Deborah, however, dedicates all of her time and energy towards helping your child.




Deborah Mills Tuition is not an agency or affiliated with any broader teaching institution. This means that I am entirely focused on helping each student learn in their own unique way. By working as an independent and full-time private tutor, I am able to form a respectful relationship based on trust with every child, working together to discover how best to facilitate enthusiastic and effective learning. No student is the same, which is why I take a a personalised approach to every pupil.






An expert in GCSE English Language and Literature,  I am extremely comprehensive and covers all aspects of the syllabus, ensuring that there is nothing in the exam that will be alien to students. I always yields good results and have never received a complaint or seen any student leave. Beyond GCSE revision, I am adept at assisting in the wider learning process, instilling greater confidence in students and aiding them in how they both revise and engage in the classroom.

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